Mike Lee
March 11, 2020

Our COVID-19 Plan

As fear and panic of the COVID-19 outbreak spread, many of Huco’s customers and vendor partners have requested information on our emergency response plan. Huco’s management team has been closely monitoring the evolving situation in order to best respond to this issue to keep both our customers and employees safe.

Many of our customers and partners are already cutting back or eliminating non-essential travel already. As a company, we have also taken steps to limit travel, and have shifted most of our on-site design and training engagements to be supported virtually. Our business model is based on our consultant team working remotely out of our home offices for most projects. This means our team is well prepared for any outbreaks and movement limitations or restrictions. In addition, our risk of infection is lower than other businesses who work from and commute to an office (especially in mass transit).

Business continuity is built into how we work. Because our teams are effective working remote from their home offices there is no change to our day-to-day operations. Our colleagues are well versed and equipped in using online methods and tools to easily collaborate while in multiple locations. We believe EHS & business challenges are more common than unique and our organization prioritizes sharing. We are happy to meet with you to share the strategies and best practices we employ at Huco for effective collaboration while working remote.

If an infection in Huco does occur, the affected team member will self-quarantine and be given appropriate time off and support in order to heal. Due to our telecommuting business model, the potential to spread an infection among colleagues is highly unlikely and would be isolated to the location of the team member should it occur. If a full quarantine is required, we will implement steps requested by the governing party (international, federal, state, municipality or other government body) immediately and continue to support our customers w/o interruption while providing the same response and quality.

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