Empower EHS&S Performance with Simple Tasks that Matter


Huco Consulting Feb. 10, 2021

EHS&S performance is now integral to companies’ long-term value.

The demand for businesses to demonstrate commendable EHS&S track record has never been higher, but many companies are struggling to achieve consistent regulatory compliance or make steady progress towards performance goals. In this article, we share how we work with clients to unlock reliable EHS&S results and build a stronger company by empowering frontline staff with simple tasks that matter.  

Relegating EHS&S to the specialists’ sphere of control limits what is possible. 

As regulators adapt to evolving policy priorities and broad stakeholder group(investors, media, suppliersconsumers, etc.) demand increased transparency into corporate environmental and social conductit has become abundantly clear that EHS&S performance is now integral to long-term corporate healthrisk management and value-creation across industries. So why is the responsibility for EHS&S activities still relegated to an isolated, specialized corner of organizations’ management and operations? 

Activating enduring EHS&S success requires unleashing ownership of organizational performance from the specialists’ sphere of control. While EHS experts track compliance, they do not control itand their time is too valuable to provide daily oversight for consistent performance on the ground. Placing the burden of responsibility for EHS&S activities exclusively on this small group of specialists not only results in process bottlenecks, inconsistent performance and a high cost to comply, it can also undermine an organization’s capacity to manage risk or set and achieve ambitious performance goals. It limits what is possible and leaves companies vulnerable to falling short of requirements and stakeholder expectations.

Industry leaders will mobilize their entire organization under a shared vision of EHS&S success.

Reliable risk management and steady progress towards EHS&S initiatives is a team effort and a daily process on the frontlines of a facility. In the new EHS&S landscape, industry leaders will be those who unite their organizations under a shared vision of success and mobilize their team with a clearmanageable plan to achieve it. With robust, reliable compliance plans in place, these organizations will free time and resources to pursue improvements, value creation or whatever the next frontier may be. 

Ultimate success, however, will depend on how companies break out of the EHS bottleneck and equip staff to drive consistent performanceNavigating this critical transition will require more than simply purchasing the latest EHS&S management software – there is a final, crucial step that must be taken.

Break out of the EHS bottleneck and empower your staff with simple tasks that matter. 

At Hucowe help companies achieve full team ownership of EHS&S performance by empowering staff with simple tasks that matterEHS&S software platforms are potent tools, and we work closely with clients to select and implement systems that fit their operations and objectives. But software tools are only as powerful as the content they contain – and breaking out of the EHS bottleneck is only possible when staff in control of EHS&S activities have access to clear information for achieving consistent performance on the ground. This is the last critical mile that must be completed for EHS&S success. 

We developed our HuComply Methodology to ensure our clients have the actionable content they need to take this final step, get the most out of their EHS systems and perform at their best. While regulatory content providers and AI solutions stop at identifying relevant content and isolated requirements, HuComply leverages our best-in-class task template library to organizeconsolidate and translate complex regulatory requirements into clear, meaningful compliance tasks for frontline workers in one streamlined process. Tasks are written in plain language, are fit for use by anyone at the facility and are ready to load into any EHS system and unleash teams’ full potential. That is the last critical mile – covered. 

Complete the last critical mile.  

The landscape of EHS&S has changed, but the opportunity to succeed there is already within reach. The only questions are: what do you want to achieve and how will you empower your team to get there? 

Learn more about how Huco can help you empower robust EHS&S performance with simple tasks that matter on our website, or contact us at info@hucoinc.com or +1 (844) 438-4826.  

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