Huco Consulting is now part of Montrose Environmental Group


Huco Consulting January 3, 2023

We are now a part of MEG!

Montrose Environmental Group acquires Huco Consulting

We have some exciting Huco news. Huco Consulting ownership transferred to Montrose Environmental Group. Please see this link for the formal press release.

This was a thoughtful and carefully considered decision that will allow us to grow faster and provide even more stable support to our customers and parnters. We’ve provided generous incentives for our staff and are fully focused on them – a key criterion of our sale was to find a buyer that can preserve the work-life balance that has kept our staff with us for so long. Also, Ron and Sameer will stay on and will become more available to help our teams technically and our customers.

In other words, the same people that have been supporting you will continue to. This was a stock purchase and thus it has no immediate impact on our contractual relationship, and we will continue to support you as we always have, but with additional support and resources. Our current agreements, statements of work and rates other than annual routine adjustments will remain the same.

With Montrose we believe we can serve you better and provide access to additional experts if relevant. Montrose has 2,700 employees in the US and around the world and has built a platform focused on innovation and creative problem solving in the environmental consulting industry.  While Montrose is much larger than Huco, it is been built with a similar philosophy around being nimble, highly responsive and focused on leveraging technology and the latest innovations to solve our clients most important environmental challenges.  Hence, we are confident that we can continue to be provide high quality work, respond quickly and work effectively with supportive teams. 

Thank you very much for your trust in us to date, and trust we are still here for you today and in the future.

– Ron Huijsman & Sameer Vyas