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2020 Gensuite Conference

Sep 10-11, 2020

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Join us. Let’s talk Transformation at the 2020 Gensuite Conference! 

Gain insight into the most critical issues organizations face today, and how industry experts are solving them with Gensuite solutions. Further transform your compliance and risk management programs & processes by exploring ideas shared by like-minded thought leaders. Connect with Gensuite experts about the applications that matter most to your organization and receive real-time answers to your biggest Gensuite questions. Acquire hands-on experience with our latest advancements in tech and bring your ideas to life this year at the 2020 Gensuite Conference!

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HSE North American Congress

Nov 10-11, 2020

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Using our 20+ years of events management we wanted to unite EHS professionals all over the world, practitioners, scientists, theorists, solution providers, technology partners and people to help breakthrough these global challenges. Due to the extent of the problems, we cannot fix this as individuals but as a group, a society of professionals with the shared common objective to look after mankind, to keep each other safe and protect the precious world we have been gratefully given. The HSE Global Series is a global events series in North America, Middle East, United Kingdom, Europe & Africa. Physical based events providing the world’s leading content and senior leadership engagement.

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Envision 2020: Enviance User Conference


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Welcome to Envision 2020, Enviance’s annual environmental, health & safety software users’ conference. This four day event is dedicated to helping our customers connect, collaborate and inspire each other on ways to leverage our EH&S software to improve overall performance, accuracy and efficiency. Envision 2020 will bring together our user community to give you many opportunities to learn not only from us, but from each other. You’ll learn about best practices, hear how others in your industry are solving critical EHS challenges and gain the maximum benefit from your use of Enviance. Experts from our product and customer success teams will be on hand to provide training, answer your questions, and give you insight into where the future of Enviance is headed. This conference is an ideal place to pick up new ideas to drive more productivity from your software.

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Previous Events

SHE Software Roadshow

Houston: Mar 10th

Chicago: Mar 12th

NYC / Virtual: Mar 14th

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Surround yourself with peers for a day of education, networking and sharing best practices. This will be a limited seating event to ensure that is an open dialogue to share and learn best practices.

Our special guests from DuPont Sustainable Solutions, Huco Consulting and additional thought leaders – will look at the latest health and safety trends, regulatory updates and challenges in your industry.

What to expect:

  • Hear from industry experts on strategic and practical approaches you can put to use immediately with your team
  • Interact with like-minded peers to share tips and gain insights on the latest health and safety trends and technologies
  • Benchmark your health and safety initiatives with your peers and industry experts to help your programs achieve ROI

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NAEM Software, Innovation & Technology Showcase

March 04-05, 2020

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NAEM’s annual Software, Innovation & Technology Showcase offers you deep-dive training sessions, keynotes that expand your view of what’s possible, and numerous opportunities for connecting one-on-one that can help you achieve your technology and software goals. Whether you are shopping for new environmental, health, safety or sustainability management (EHS&S) software, implementing a just-purchased system, trying to get the most of your current system(s), or wanting to stay on the cutting edge of how to use technology to drive innovation in your EHS&S department, NAEM’s Software, Innovation & Technology Showcase has something for you. This conference’s pragmatism and candid discussion is coupled with a curated approach that ensures you meet with as many peers as technology providers.

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Drive continuous improvement by combining EHS Audit Services and Software

Feb 25, 2pm EST

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“The auditors are coming” is a phrase that often results in anxious feelings, even for veteran EHS professionals. 3rd party audits can actually be an opportunity to learn and help provide value for your organization. When audits are scoped and findings tracked using software, the results can be tied into a program of continuous improvement. This webinar, led by Dakota Software and Huco Consulting, will cover the benefits of an external audit program, what to expect from a 3rd party audit, strategies to implement an effective audit program, and the benefits of combining audit services with software for standardizing processes and tracking findings. It will also include a demonstration of Dakota Software’s Auditing and Action tracking products.

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2020 IPMI EHS Management Institute

January 26-28, 2020

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Today’s EHS Leaders operate in an environment of rapid change. Sighting just a few of these many changes in the increased need for data and analytics, the use of new technologies and tools, the move away from compliance to coaching, the increase in cross functional integration, the onset of mergers and acquisitions and the evolution of the role to include more of a focus on business operations and overall corporate strategy.

EHS Leaders continue to look for strategies to engage and lead safe and sustainable practices throughout these transformative times for ongoing business success.

If you would like to join the conversation and engage with dynamic and forward thinking EHS Leaders, join this year’s EHS Management Institute which will take place January 26th-28th, 2020. 

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2019 NAEM EHS&S Management Forum

October 15-18, 2019

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The NAEM Forum is the largest annual gathering for environment, health and safety, and sustainability (EHS&S) decision-makers. NAEM’s annual conference has been the premiere event dedicated to best practice-sharing for those developing and integrating strategic environmental, health and safety programs within companies. Join your peers from leading companies, get exposed to new ideas, and come away energized and ready to implement what you’ve learned.

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2019 Natural Gas STAR & Methane Challenge Workshop

November 05-06, 2019

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The 2019 Natural Gas STAR & Methane Challenge Fall Workshop will be held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from November 4-6, 2019. All are invited to this workshop that will bring together oil and natural gas experts, researchers, academics, and other industry stakeholders to discuss voluntary methane emission reductions and ongoing developments. You will learn about innovative approaches and practices to voluntarily reduce methane emissions, and recent developments with the Methane Challenge and Natural Gas STAR Programs. Attendees will also learn about exciting developments emerging from Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) projects from around the country.

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