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EHS Audits & Assessments

Every Company. Every Facility.

While individual challenges may vary, the need to comply with corporate policies and federal, state, and local requirements while protecting the health and safety of people and assets is universal. At Huco, we provide an independent, third party audit or assessment of your current programs and record keeping, verifying compliance and identifying any gaps. Then, we use our subject matter and standardized industry best practices as the foundation to help you fill those gaps as efficiently and effectively as possible. Contact Huco today to spend a free hour with one of our EHS audit staff.

Audit Services


Multi-Discipline Facility Audits

An Audit examines at least three years of records to verify compliance with permits and plans. These may include Air, Water/NPDES, Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plans (SPCC), Waste requirements, and OSHA compliance. Audits will also reveal gaps in compliance and permitting such as whether the facility has the correct permit for operations, or documenting when a permit is not required.
Man or a worker with drone standing in a warehouse.


EHS System Assessments are smaller in scope than an audit. Assessments provide a top-level compliance review of one to three years of EH&S records and are performed by one individual rather than a team. Our assessment timeline usually consists of one week of preparation, a week for field activities, followed by a week to review and draft a report.
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Desktop Review

A desktop review will cover permits, procedures, access to records or sent examples. The main difference from an assessment is that a desktop review requires no field time. Any time spent by an auditor onsite is used for more in-depth compliance reviews. Desktop reviews are mainly an examination of records, but can also be done include a review of photos sent from the facility.

Why conduct 3rd party audits?

The word “Audit” is typically associated with non-compliance, or review by a regulatory agency. 3rd party audits and assessments cost money, so why would an organization spend both time and financial resources to have an organization conduct an audit when it isn’t necessary?

Cost Savings

Injuries, environmental releases and regulatory fines are all expensive. A 3rd party audit can help you spot issues before they become a financial liability

Minimize Organizational Risk

Audits and assessments are an opportunity to minimize organizational risk by preventing an accident or environmental incident.

Improve Compliance

Lessons learned can be shared between facilities and to improve your best management practices.

Find out how Huco's audit team can help your organization build value through 3rd party audits.

Meet our Audit Team!


Alice Harman P.E.

Senior Consultant

"Internal audits are a great way to make sure your house is in order before having visitors over. I prefer to know when something is wrong so I can fix it before it's discovered during a regulatory visit or through worse, and accident."


Marilva Wedge

Senior Consultant

"An outside perspective from another set of eyes may help identify issues facility staff have become complacent with. Lessons learned from an audit of one facility can then be used to improve operations at other facilities and lower organizational risk."


Meredith Boyer

Senior Consultant

"Permits and paperwork can bury a facility, even if they have a dedicated EHS staff. We can help sort through the legal language, permit terms, and make sure that applicable records that need to be maintained are on file."

Digital Strategy Services

Helping you create a plan for EHS 4.0. 

Assistance selecting the right software for your organizational needs. 

Upgrades to existing systems, and implementation of new software. 

Sustainment planning & digital EHS & Sustainability support services. 

Contact us to learn how our audit team can help you with your continuous improvement process.

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