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Managed Support

From Help Desk support to training your EHS team, Huco is your EHS-IT Support Team.


Managed Support

Does your EHS or sustainability department have cyclical periods such as reporting season with a heavier than normal workload? We offer affordable on call support plans based on a set number of hours on a monthly or annual basis.


Staff Augmentation

We offer dedicated consultant resources both on-site and remote. Our staff augmentation plans are perfect for your busy times of the year such as reporting season or other periods when you just need extra help.

Help Desk

Who do you call for application and industry specific support? Internal IT and software vendor help desks often do not have the EHS subject matter expertise to support you effectively. Huco can augment your EHS team by providing application specific support for all industry leading EHS Software.

Integrated Solutions

We partner with industry leading vendors to offer fully integrated EHS & Sustainability management packages. From measurement to reporting, we can help you modernize your existing EHS & Sustainability processes so you can manage them digitally. 

Contact us to learn how we can tailor a support package to your needs.

Why use Huco for EHS-IT support?


Our trained consultants with hands on experience have been helping our clients with digital EHS services since 2008.


Our dedicated staff are available on demand and respond to your requests quickly.


Our low-overhead delivery model results in high quality output at economical rates.

Contact us to learn what kind of customized EHS-IT package we can offer your organization.

Digital Strategy Services

Learn how Huco can help you create a strategy, select then implement the right tools for your organization and sustain it.

Helping you create a plan for EHS 4.0. 

Assistance selecting the right software for your organizational needs. 

Upgrades to existing systems, and implementation of new software. 

Sustainment planning & digital EHS & Sustainability support services. 

Contact us to learn how we can help you support and sustain your system so you can plan for the future.

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