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About us

Our goal is to provide high quality, fit for use EHS and ESG software systems.

We are passionate about creating and sustaining management systems that not only manage compliance, risk and sustainability, but also create value for your organization, customers, people and the environment around you. Our belief is that EHS and Sustainability challenges are more common than unique. We focus on routine activities that matter and leverage industry proven solutions to create better management systems while lowering your overall cost.

Huco is a young company founded in April 2008 (and sold to Montrose Environmental late 2022) with dynamic and enthusiastic staff.

We are a hands on firm known for our responsiveness and expertise in both EHS&S and the latest information technology to manage your responsibilities.

We work together with our customers to manage their needs, empower staff and deliver quality solutions with personalized support at competitive rates.

Our Philosophy

Be Responsive

We focus on customer experience and needs with quick turnaround times and personalized support.

Work Together

We believe in working closely together and sharing our insight, knowledge and solutions.

Bring Value

We get you the best value and reduce time by leveraging past solutions and best practices.

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