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Incident Management Solutions

How does your organization track & manage incidents?

Is it easy for any employee to voice a safety observation or concern? Huco can help you use existing systems to manage risk, improve compliance and increase productivity. We can also help you create a state of the art safety management system if you are still managing your safety program on paper or in spreadsheets.


Training & User Adoption

Do current employees actively use your safety management system? How do you train new employees to use the system? Software alone does not drive safety culture. Huco can help you with training, help you streamline your system or create instructional guides to make it easy for your employees to understand how to use the system.


Behavioral Observations

Does your safety management go beyond collecting incident data? Asking employees to make and report safety observations is a good way to determine what leading indicators you should be monitoring to reduce incidents.


User Experience

Is it easy for your employees to report an incident in your system? Can they use a phone or mobile device to enter data in the field?  Front line workers are more inclined to report incidents and observations if the user interface is streamlined and the software makes it easy to report observations or concerns. 


Leading Indicators & Risk

What leading indicators are you using to drive your safety culture? Huco can help you determine what leading indicators you should be tracking so you can use your system to determine what areas have the highest risk in order for you to reduce incidents and prevent accidents before they occur. 

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How are you using your safety data?

Today, achieving EHS compliance alone is not enough. Access to data is at an all-time high and stakeholders such as your employees, shareholders and regulatory agencies are using this to increase their oversight of organizations. Does your current plan incident management system take advantage of the latest software functionality or features? 

Risk Management

Are you using safety data to calculate operational risk and reduce incidents? 


Does your system make it easy to create and submit required reports? 


Are you using incident data to uncover actionable insights and improve your safety culture & company procedures? 

Find out how Huco can help you modernize your safety system & use new software features and tools. ‚Äč

Investigations & Corrective Action Planning

Does your incident or observation logging process tie into root cause analysis and corrective action planning? If not, you may be missing out on the opportunity to use data you already collect to continuously improve your safety culture and company policies. 

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What is your process for tying an investigation or root cause analysis to an incident you recorded in your system? Tying incident data to the results of an investigation and the resulting corrective actions taken will allow you to continuously refine your safety processes and procedures. 



How do you examine your safety data? Visualizations are more powerful than analyzing spreadsheet, or data collected on pen and paper. Huco can help you create dashboards that are relevant to your organization so you can quickly see what areas are performing and which need improvement.

Corrective Actions

How do ensure that corrective actions you have assigned are eventually completed? Does your system remind employees what corrective actions they are required to complete and when they are due? Are managers easily able to see what tasks are completed and which are still open? 

Man or a worker with drone standing in a warehouse.

Audits & Inspections

How safe is your facility when your employees think no one else is looking? 3rd party audits or assessments are a good way to get another set of eyes to take a look at your facility and help you find things that you may have become complacent about.

Digital Strategy Services

Learn how Huco can help you digitize paper based incident management, or improve your existing system.

Helping you create a plan for EHS 4.0. 

Assistance selecting the right software for your organizational needs. 

Upgrades to existing systems, and implementation of new software. 

Sustainment planning & digital EHS & Sustainability support services. 

Contact us to learn how we can help you create a plan to digitize your safety management process.

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