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EMIS Sustainment

It is essential to plan for sustainment in order to adapt to evolving technology.

Does your current system sustainment plan address these common challenges:

  • How do you ensure new users know how to use your system?
  • What is your plan to keep existing users up to speed?
  • Do you have a process in place for users to ask for help?
  • How confident are you in your data? Accuracy, Availability, Connectivity?
  • How do you digitize work processes as technology advances?
  • What happens when your organization acquires another company or adds a new facility?
  • Do you have a process to manage change including regulatory, organizational, stakeholder, economic, or technological?

Data Management

Today, achieving EHS compliance alone is not enough.  As your company grows and has greater need for data, how do you adapt and use new tools? Adopting new features, functionality and best practices to manage your data is difficult. Access to data is at an all-time high and stakeholders such as the public, your shareholders and regulatory agencies are using this to increase their oversight of organizations. Does your current plan address the following:


  • Is the data in the system up to date, and do you have faith in it?
  • What enhancements do you think your system needs to give you faith in your data?
  • How are you adapting to trends in your industry?


  • Are you leveraging the full power of your existing tools to make report creation easier?
  •  How can you use your existing tools to make data collection and Q/A procedures quicker and more accurate? 

Business Intelligence

  • Are you using your data to spot trends and improve accuracy or identify areas for improvement?
  • Are you leveraging your data to provide actionable insights in all EHS domains (worker safety, environmental performance, employee health, etc)?

Find out how Huco can help solve your data management challenges.

User Adoption

User adoption is one of the most important factors for long term sustainment of a system. Users may know how to use the system, but are they actively using the system for its designed purpose? There are a variety of factors that can affect user adoption. 


Do you have a process to train new users? Employees come and go; new features & functionality are introduced and business processes change. How do you train new employees, and sustain the high level of training that your existing users have?

User Experience

Users will not use a system that seems overwhelming. 

  • Is your system difficult to use or navigate? 
  • How long does it take to enter data such as an incident? 
  • What do users struggle with the most? Is there too much data, too little?


Users are more inclined to care about something when they know their input matters. Collecting feedback on your system is a powerful way to engage users in addition to being a good way to plan for eventual upgrades or improvements to your system.

System Support

Often, IT resources are overwhelmed and may be slow to respond to requests. You can augment the efficiency of your existing IT resources by having a documented support & triage process in place for users to request help.

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Management of Change

Does your organization have a process to manage change including regulatory, organizational, stakeholder, economic, or technological? Who keeps up with changing regulations? What if that person leaves? Do you have a plan to deal with an acquisition of another company? How about a quickly changing workforce? How about new State level rules, or changes in those on a municipal or county level?

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures are a way of life for many firms. What’s the right way of doing things? Who stays and who goes? How do you stay in compliance, manage risk and report consistently throughout the larger organization?

Knowledge Transfer

The labor force is aging and changing. Companies are tightening up their processes, updating O&M manuals and doing pro-active training. A lot of knowledge is still however in the head of key staff. What if a key person is no longer available?

Staff Turnover

Employees move to new roles and gain new responsibilities. How do you deal with changing levels of experience in your organization? Similar to M&A activity, a management of change plan should address how newer, less-experienced employees can get quickly gain competency as well as minimize a loss of experience.

System Updates

Is content in the system up to date based on current permits, equipment, operations, users, etc. How are your users taking advantage of new functionality?

Digital Strategy Services

Learn how Huco can help you craft a digitization strategy then select and implement the right tools to accomplish it.

Helping you create a plan for EHS 4.0. 

Assistance selecting the right software for your organizational needs. 

Upgrades to existing systems, and implementation of new software. 

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